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“I invite you to explore the opportunity to experience Maria’s proven dynamic relationship building and closing techniques. Over the past several years, Maria has increased our bottom line every year she has been in my practice. Her outstanding performance has been a CATALYST for significant growth.

Even if you have top clinical and technical skills you still need the ability to close cases. Maria can teach you subtle but persuasive case acceptance skills. SUCCESS is a result of all these synergies combined.

We are working fewer days but have never been more PROFITABLE.”

Rhys Spoor, DDS Seattle, WA



“The ideas Maria brings to the table are significant. The reason they are significant is simple – they actually work! They are practical and doable. Maria has changed our perspective on how the entire staff relates to our patients. She has shown the staff how to unlock their INTUITIVE skills and assist our patients to receive the treatments they really want. This has allowed my practice to grow on so many levels.

We have spent thousands of dollars on other consultants and marketing ideas that have never made a fraction of the impact Maria has. What a difference she has made. We feel fortunate to be a client of Tight Contacts.”

Jamie Walmsley,DDS Knoxville, TN


consulting dentist“The changes Maria has helped us make have been amazing. Under her expertise, we have gone from an insurance-based practice that did some cosmetic and full mouth rehabilitation work, to a Fee-for-service practice that focuses on cosmetic and rehabilitative dentistry. This transition occurred in less than six months.

Since Maria works in a dental practice on a regular basis she understands the everyday systems and can quickly demonstrate how to make small but significant changes that are huge in their impact but completely realistic.

She has taught my team how to create and build relationships, create value for our practice and the dentistry and care we provide. I consider myself truly blessed to have found such an exceptional coach.”

Sheena Sood,DDS Vancouver, B.C. Canada


dental practice“Maria has allowed me to achieve a dental office that performs exceptional dentistry and coached me to also lead a balanced personal life. I think that anyone who is looking to take their practice to the next level should seek out the customized professional guidance of Maria Brown.”

John Patterson DMD, DMD Scottsdale, AZ